Thinking of Selling Your Business? Now is the Perfect Time!

11 April 2022
1. Buyers Are Actively Searching for Acquisitions As the market begins to reopen after the effects of COVID-19 we have [...]
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How A Broker Adds Value When Selling Your Business

4 February 2022
Whilst it is not essential to enlist the help of a broker to sell a business, having an experienced broker [...]
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5 Tips To Successfully Sell Your Business

27 January 2022
1. Your business’s resale value should always be on your mind Selling your business is likely to be far from [...]
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Thinking of Selling Your Business?

12 January 2022
The market is hungry for activity The COVID-19 pandemic immensely affected businesses in nearly every industry. If you were considering [...]
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5 Questions To Ask Your Business Broker

12 January 2022
5 questions to ask your business broker If you’re selecting a business broker for the sale of your business, there [...]
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Top 10 Business Commandments to Running a Successful Car Wash

30 July 2021
Top 10 Business Commandments to Running a Successful Car Wash Owning a car wash can be tough work. Keeping track [...]
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How to buy a car wash

23 July 2021
How to buy a car wash business in Australia The convenience of a car wash has been enticing more Australians [...]
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How to sell a car wash

16 March 2021
How to sell a car wash business in Australia Selling a car wash business is one of the most important [...]
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Franchise or independent business, Which option is right for you?

14 January 2021
If you’re debating whether to buy a franchise or an independent business, you’re certainly not alone. Having been in the [...]
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How to diversify a multi-unit franchise portfolio

2 November 2020
Franchising is an arrangement where one party allows another to use its systems, processes, name and trademark to conduct business. [...]
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Buyers Beware – Watch out for these hidden costs when buying a business

26 October 2020
If you're looking to buy a business, identifying the right business to buy can be a daunting process and care [...]
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What you need to know about business financing in 2020

19 October 2020
When planning to finance a business purchase, it is important to understand the different ways you can acquire funding and [...]
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Should You Start a New Business From Scratch or Buy an Existing Business

1 October 2020
Starting up a new business or buying an existing business, which way is right for you?  Deciding on whether to [...]
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Buying a business in 2020? Three tips to ensure you get the best deal on your business acquisition

23 September 2020
For a while now, you’ve been planning to invest in buying the business of your dreams. Thanks to your resilience, [...]
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5 Things To Do After Buying a Business – What To Do After Buying An Existing Business

21 September 2020
Ok so you've acquired a business, but now what? Running a new business can be both exciting and daunting at [...]
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Sell Your Business – The Sales Process

25 March 2020
Decided to sell your business? Here’s what happens next You’ve made the decision to sell your business and whether it’s [...]
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Buying an Existing Business

16 March 2020
Buying an existing business? What you need to know and do. So you’ve made the decision to become your own [...]
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The Importance of Branding Your Business Professionally in 2020

9 March 2020
As a small business, a strong and memorable brand will continue to work for you long after the doors of [...]
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Everything You Need To Know About Non-Disclosure Agreements

2 March 2020
As a buyer looking to purchase a new business there will be a process you need to follow during your [...]
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Benefits of Getting a Professional Business Valuation

25 February 2020
What are the Benefits? A professional business valuation is a good idea whatever stage of business you are in, in [...]
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Get to know Anthony Papas – Business Broker from ABBA Group

20 February 2020
How did you get into Business Broking? Before entering into Business Broking I worked for ten years in retail with [...]
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4 Steps on how to become a successful Business Broker in Australia

17 February 2020
A business broker is an intermediary that connects a buyer and a seller and guides both parties towards reaching a [...]
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Selling your business – Exit Strategy

6 June 2018

Sell your business There are a number of factors to consider when selling your business, one of the most important […]

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How can I ensure a smooth transition after buying a business?

8 March 2016

Things that will ensure a smooth transition into your new business acquisition There are many things to consider when you […]

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