With ABBA Group, you will secure a better quality business in a shorter space of time, and at a better price. We leave no stone unturned in our search for the perfect business. Then after we’ve found that business, we’ll negotiate the price and contract terms on your behalf – potentially reducing your level of risk and required investment.

Yes. When you engage ABBA Group as your business buyer’s agent, we work for you and you only. We’re not paid fees or commissions by vendors, business brokers, real estate agents or franchise groups. We scan the whole market with a focus on finding you the best business and return on your investment possible.

On average, it takes us three to four months to find a suitable business for you to purchase. However, the timing may vary according to the complexity of your brief and market conditions. We suggest you allow up to six months for a complete transaction from start to finish.

At ABBA Group, we review hundreds of opportunities every week and continually create shortlists for prospective buyers according to their needs, budgets and goals. This means we can secure your ideal acquisition faster – with minimal stress. We are also privy to many opportunities before they officially list, giving you the benefit of early access and less competition.

ABBA Group recommends you undertake a ‘due diligence’ before you purchase a business. We can help you source a due diligence team and assist throughout the process. Your due diligence report will include a comprehensive list of specific items that have been checked and addressed before you finalise the transaction. The report also identifies any issues or problems with the business. Sometimes, after due diligence, we advise our clients not to proceed with a purchase. Other times, it allows us to re-negotiate the purchase price and/or contract terms.

Yes. We also offer a ‘limited service’ for clients who have already located the business they wish to acquire. Even if the purchase price is already identified, we can act as a strategic buffer between you and the existing business owners to help you achieve the best possible outcome. Our limited service typically includes:

  • negotiating price and contract terms
  • organising landlord consent
  • lodging your tenancy application forms
  • performing stocktake if required
  • overseeing settlement.

Yes. ABBA Group specialises in business transaction negotiations – with a successful track record for securing the best possible deals for our clients. Many of our consultants come from senior sales backgrounds, making us expert negotiators. Our team also has extensive knowledge across a range of industries, supported by up-to-the-minute research data at our fingertips. So we always know where the market is at, what’s fair and reasonable and how to make a confident offer.

ABBA Group can also help you:

  • gain landlord consent (often a stumbling block)
  • develop a business plan to support the acquisition process
  • produce a formal valuation of the business
  • help you secure finance for the purchase.

Hear from our clients

Having used the services of the ABBA Group to sell my automotive business, I had no hesitation in again contacting them to assist in securing my next business venture. They proved to have the right contacts in what can be a difficult industry to crack and were able to find me another automotive business which was a better fit. I felt well informed during the purchase of my new business and having seen how ABBA Group operates as both a seller and a buyer, I can say that I have not found a more professional and honest broker company in my 40 years in business.

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